Thursday, September 11, 2014

Technology, just gotta love it...

Remember Marie's wonderful baby quilt from last week, well, thanks yet again to technology, we get to see another pic of said quilt, this time with the little angel snoozing on it!
Isn't he just darling?!

Of course, sometimes technology just gets a bit too smart for itself.
Lorraine's daughter requested a set of cushions, chocolate, mocha and steel grey were the colours chosen, and they certainly are a stunning set.
To round out the pressie, Lorraine used the back pocket from a pair of jeans to create a really cute and clever pot mitt.  Now the jeans were chocolate but will the pic show that? not on you life, so here, looking decidedly 'denim' is a fab chocolate pot mitt!
You just slide your fingers into the pocket, and the waist band part falls under to protect you palm and thumb.  So clever and innovative....and chocolate...really!
Lorraine was busily brushing at her lovely cushions prior to the pics, and muttering about 'Sunshine', if you're a pet owner, its obvious isn't it? yep, Lorraine shares her home with a loving bundle of fur named Sunshine.

Last week Gwen was tutoring Michelle in hand piecing, well, this week it was my turn, am loving the process but it did have a bit of a side effect, so engrossed in stitching along the line, I missed Show and Tell, yep, sitting right there and missed it! - it's a worry!
We had 3 more charity quilts on show, these are really being turned out at a fast rate of knots.
Of course the challenge is out there to make each one different, even though many of the girls are using the same H.S.T. block designed for us by Sue.
This clever lay out is enhanced by the added applique.

Another variation, with a great idea for the backing.
The blocks were given to Sue to finish and assemble.
While out and about, she had spotted a lovely soft and snuggly throw at Woolies, and decided to use the throw as a combined wadding/backing.  Worked brilliantly, soft, snuggly, F.M.Quilted with a  lovely swirly design, someone is just gonna love snuggling up into this quilt.

Another Q.A.Y.G charity quilt, this one a really pretty pink creation using crazy patchwork.  Lovely hand dyes were used to back each square, making this a truly reversible quilt.

Deanne was busily stitching in the back room, creating more Q.A.Y.G. squares that will eventually be assembled into Charity quilts, lots of lovely browns are making their way into some of the quilts, all thanks to the very generous donation of fabric from Derrick.

Jackie has been busily stitching up a special quilt, for a very special and lucky lassie who's name just happens to be Zali.  
Jackie used a Jigsaw pattern on the front and incorporated Zali's name into the backing of the quilt, she tells us that it took the best part of a Sunday arvo to work out the lettering and Zali is just lucky her name only has four letters, otherwise there would just have had to be a different backing design.

Along with the lovely fabrics donated by Derrick, we have also been lucky enough to receive some really great books for our Library and Jackie, who does a fantastic job as our Librarian has been as busy as a one armed paper hanger getting them all processed into our Library.  All the hard work and time associated with this endeavor has earned Jackie one of our coveted 'Star of the Month' awards.
Our Leader, Sheila came up with this idea a few years back, you have to earn a 'Star' with an extra effort for the group,  they are not given out lightly, and they don't get awarded every month either, so you can understand why Jackie immediately proudly pinned hers to her tee.

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