Friday, October 17, 2014

Like water dripping on a stone...

eventually you get there.  Well, that's what Michelle likened it to.
Many moons ago, when Michelle first moved to the Coast, she tried to enroll in Jenny's crazy class at the Angel, after many requests she was told that basically you had to wait for someone to die to get a place.......well, guess what? you don't!! no, the answer was obvious, Jenny just needed to run more classes!
Michelle is so happy and is working away on some really beautiful squares, as well as embellishing an advent calendar,
oh, and don't forget those cute bow tie blocks she recently started, as soon as they are together, the plan is to learn hand quilting from our lovely expert, Gwen.  Not planning on running out of projects in the near future is Michell.

Lyn's gift to her friend of the 'Elephant' quilt went over really well, Sonia was thrilled that the quilt tied in so well with a previous gift of a cushion, which also featured - of course- and elephant!
Back in the August 28th post, there is a lovely scrappy blue star quilt that Lyn bought along to share with us, well as it happens, there were blue stars left over, and not being one to waste a star, specially not a scrappy one, Lyn created this lovely for her Daughter.
The sailboat backing works a treat, but, and there is always a but, the fabric was a little coarser woven than normal and proved a challenge to quilt.  Lyn quilted circles over the star blocks and squares along the borders.

Estelle is one of the many who brings her own mug along to meetings, and why wouldn't you with a show piece mug bag like this one?
Estelle collects notions from various events she attends and pins them to her bag, as you can see, there is quite the history on this little wonder.

Helen has been busily stitching motifs to create this lovely pastel quilt for her Grandaughter.  Quilted on the diagonal with an embroidered angel in each corner.

Spotted Julie showing a couple of the gals this piece, not a flimsey, no, just part of a flimsey.  
Julie explained that she has another piece at home, slightly larger that will eventually be joined to this piece, there will then be a border, another row of pieced blocks and then it will be a flimsey!  Next step with be to hand quilt it!

Of course there were more Charity quilts making an appearance, yes, its just fantastic isn't it.
Some with their creators and some flying solo.
The Cats quilt was created from panels by Marie, she also used a cat as part of the backing.
 Wendy had two offerings, and although we have mountains of donated fabric, Wendy still used some of her own fabric, such as the girly garden panel.
This very striking red and white Q.A.Y.G was I think stitched by Lorraine C.  now if I am wrong I humbly apologise, it's beautifully stitched and will be a lovely quilt to snuggle under.

Arvo Tea was all about Chocolate!, scrummy!

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