Friday, October 31, 2014

Whole Cloth Quilts,

not quite by the dozen but you could be forgiven for thinking that it's a possibility.
Last week Marie bought along a beautiful white whole cloth quilt that was being posted that arvo, Well this week she bought along this one to share.
Can you believe it?! and what's more, she created it in one week, yep, you read it right, one week!
Blimey teddy
Turns out that Marie was asked to create a quilt for a gift, but she who was doing the requesting was also mentioning that she personally had always wanted a white whole cloth Marie said........what could you do but pop out another one, so she did!

Stella, one of our newer members, has been busily creating charity quilts and bought 3 along to share with us.
Quilt on left, using Val's idea of sashed one patches.  Stella has quilted this one with a combination of 'in the ditch' stitching along the one patches and meandering along the sashing.

The middle quilt, using a lot of the pink fabric donated by Derrick, in a Q.A.Y.G block, and again, donated fabric for the backings.
Stella used a fancy stitch on her machine to stitch down the sashing.  And finally, the right hand quilt is another variation of sashed one patch blocks in strips quilted in the ditch.
Stella's maiden flight, so to speak, into the world of machine quilting - she got lots of advice from the girls and just went for it.  Great job Stella.

 Speaking of donations, we have been given some wadding for the Charity quilts, it's a bit thicker than most of us are used to so Lainey decided to trial a couple of methods.  Firstly, pressing the wadding with an iron - very bad idea, Lainey thought the finished result would make a good table top.  She then tried the splitting apart idea, got really thin areas interspersed with rather thick areas, so not a success there, she then tried the wadding just as it was with the Q.A.Y.G strips, Pouffy was the result, not puffy but pouffy, however she did notice that the narrower strips seemed to show promise.  Result - Q.A.Y.G with every second strip being a narrow one...very effective, so now we are really off and running, donated fabric, donated wadding, subsidised cotton wadding purchased from both Penny and Brian...bliss.

Val bought along another of the indigenous style quilts that she has created, these are all her own ideas and designs, using colours of the bush and earth, along with aboriginal art designs, the quilts go to Laurel House in Murgon, a central Queensland town.
Julie was spotted working on this, no one could work it out at first glance, and some of the guesses were a bit bizarre.
But all was soon revealed.
It's going to be a crisscross vest!
Julie picked up the pattern book and yarn at Patchwork Angel
See, not half a really big doily at all!!

So, having completed the mandatory 5 stitches, 
or not...
we found ourselves at the end of the day, and sauntered off for some yummy arvo tea, a bit more goss, and a peek around the Atrium at what the other groups are working on.

Our Christmas Fair is it's important to know what everyone is offering for our loyal visitors and shoppers to browse, fondle and perhaps take home.

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