Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Times and Great Food...

were had at out Christmas Lunch on Wednesday.
After the great success Sue and Marie made of our Challenge luncheon, it was decided to ask them to cater our Christmas Lunch at the cottage, it was a great decision.
The food was plentiful, fresh, and more importantly, very very yummy.

Wendy and Stella set the tables with  floating candles in Mason jars that Wendy had decorated, along with plaid table runners and silver themed decorations with treats for all.  A very festive look.
It was a happy day and a great time was had by all, Lorraine kept the group entertained with games etc, she even had everyone singing Christmas carols.
After that delicious lunch, and all the fun, it was time to thank Sheila for all her hard work and guidance throughout the year.

Sue had come up with what we all thought was a brilliant idea, awarding Sheila her very own 'Star of the Month' for being such a great leader.  Sheila was pretty pleased with the award, especially as it is a blue star.
  but then Sue presented our great leader with a pressie. 
and stopped her in her tracks,
Yep, Sheila speechless! never seen it before.

Definitely worth all the scurrying around, conversations that suddenly had to change tack as Sheila approached, clandestine gathering of envelopes containing signature fabrics, sneak peeks of the quilts progress, back room discussions on layout and quilting designs...a great group effort.
The quilt was stitched by Sue, Wendy machine embroidered all the individual names and Pat quilted it.
and I reckon Sheila loves it!!

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