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Thursday, February 5, 2015

New members and new projects

A big welcome to new member Sandy, who shared her first Quilt with us, well obviously not her 1st quilt, but a first for us.  It's off to a family member for a Big '0' birthday. Sandy used lovely Japanese prints to create her quilt, sashing the one patches and the larger blocks with narrow black binding.
Each single patch is machine quilted with a different design using mainly straight line stitching with a few curved lines for variety.

Sometimes with all the chitter chatter one misses a pic, and so it was yesterday, Lyn was binding a Christmas Tree skirt, it was for a family member, well it is still going to said member, but next Christmas, kind of missed the boat for last Christmas. Perhaps it will make a visit to the Cottage next week for S & T, hope so, would love to bring you a pic.

Val has, of course, been busy in the charity quilt department creating this strip pieced Q.A.Y.G.  using the same fabric for the sashings front and back.
Val has got some visual interest happening on the backing with layout, pieced squares, and those two green squares sporting tassels.

That wonderful donation received from Derrick also contained 3 quilt tops created by Derrick's Darling Pat.  Pat was a great supporter of charity quilts and these 3 flimseys were probably destined for her charity of choice.
Val spotted a sheet at the op shop with large sprays of roses, and knowing it would suit perfectly, turned Pat's 3 flimseys into 3 quilts.

Christine had some wow! to share, she is progressing nicely through her 'crazy' project, the pile of squares is growing, and the work is beautiful.  Christine attends Jenny Clauston's classes at Patchwork Angel.
A little birdie did tell me though, that sometimes naughty Christine pops up in class, wants to finish what she is working on and Jenny wants to move on, great entertainment from all accounts.

Another big welcome to another new member, Di who is working on lovely white and green 1"hexies. 

Debbie was spotted with a pile of yarn looking for a new project, she wasn't too fussed on the one she was viewing, but just look at the pattern of the one she is working on! Stunning, looking forward to seeing the Rosellas finished.

Val is doing some hand stitching, row one of 3, the plan is these guys will be a quilt for the Easter Fair.  Fused applique with blanket stitching.

Neroli Henderson has posted a collage of her work 'The Churning' on facebook, along with some other recent works, with Neroli's permission - grabbed a screen shot for you.
 copyright by Neroli Henderson.

For a better view and a look at other works, go to Neroli's facebook page Eiloren Art and Design at 
Excitement is mounting for Neroli's classes at our upcoming winter workshop.

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