Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Quilt Show and Sale #2

More lovely quilts for you to enjoy with a few little extras thrown in for fun!

'Snowball Oddball'
 "Just loved these fabrics when I saw them at various quilt shops over the past years.  I machine pieced them with a traditional snowball pattern with an odd block included.  Professionally quilted by my friend Judy from Furball Farm quilting.

Lorraine L.
'Grandmothers Fan'
"Having collected Pansy Fabric for sometime I decided it was time to use it!
I hand and machine pieced the quilt and it was machine quilted by Carmen Brown."

'Sampler Quilt'
"This quilt was done under instruction of one of our master quilters, Gwen.  I learned about designing and drafting blocks, hand piecing and hand quilted.
Thank You Gwen"

Made for a beautiful little new addition to our family.  Baby quilt and nappy carry bag.

'Old Timer - Rusty Truck'
"I came upon this old truck on a trip to Ravensworth, a mining town west of Townsville.  We had a Ford truck like this on our farm in Tasmania many years ago.  It brought back many happy memories of my young family loading hay on a sunny day.
The rusting truck stood in the dappled shade from a tall tree.  The bright sunlight on top of the cab and the bushland beyond made such a pleasing contrast.  I was so pleased I had my camera.
My background fabric was dyed, (sky and foreground). Then I used an electric tracer to enlarge the image of the grill onto the background fabric, the rest of the truck was drawn on.  I worked from the top down.  The green bushland, then I traced the truck.  As I worked on each piece of the truck it was cut from the tracing paper and the fabric was appliqued by fusing.
I have 'sun dyed' the greens, browns and orange fabric.
Blue net was used for shading.  Fusing was used on all parts of the truck.  The quilting was done on a domestic machine by myself.  The fabrics are all cotton."

Our 2015 Lyn Ballinger Challenge.  'Table Runner, using two hues adjacent on the colour spectrum, no larger than 50 x 25cm'.
Challenge judged winners as well as the winner of 'Viewers Choice'  will be announced at the Lyn Ballinger Luncheon in 3 weeks.  The challenge pieces were used as Lucky Door prizes for our Show visitors and the winners are currently being advised of their wins.

'Time Rich - Fabric Free' - a Megan Null inspired crumb quilt via Ami Simms' challenge.
Ami Simms posted a video of the amazing young lady she met in class.
Megan Null saves every tiny scrap from her quilts, piecing them all together into squares, logs or triangles to create 'crumb' quilts.  An almost free quilt!
When our group ran an in-house Jelly Roll Race, just for fun I collected all the little scraps to give Megans's idea a go.
With some scraps of my own this is the result
Machine pieced and quilted by Andrea.

'Last Tango in Houston'
"Every day I was at the Houston Quilt Festival I walked past this quilt kit and finally I bought it on the last day.  The colours and pattern were so striking that I just had to have it (along with many others),
The pattern 'Two to Tango' is by Deb Mosa
I machine pieced the quilt and it was machine quilted by Yankee Doodle Quilting".

Susan W
'Kimono Kokeshi'
 "A small wall hanging designed by Sindy Rodenmayer, Texas U.S.A.
The hanging is inspired by traditional Japanese Kokeshi Dolls
Hand appliqued and quilted by me".

2015 Fabric Art and Surface Design Group's Challenge.  'Create an art piece with textiles 150cm x 30cm
Use only 2 complimentary colours'.
It's always a pleasure to have the Fabric Arts girls Challenge feature in our Quilt Show.
Both groups have a yearly challenge but a biennial exhibition and so we each feature the other groups challenge an each exhibition.  Just one of the many benefits of belonging to the Cottage.

'My Memories of Kashmir'
"I like Leesa Chandler of Melbourne fabrics and these reminded me of my visit to India in 1986,
The pattern was adapted from a pattern from Patchwork and Quilting January 2009.
I machine pieced the quilt in 2012 then handed it over to Fiona, the Quilting Fairy for machine quilting in 2012

A tower of 3 quilts,
'Get Around to it'
Some things take a while to 'get around to it'.  About 18 years this one has waited! A lovely class at Ulladulla N.S.W. with a guest teacher Glenys Mann.
I machine pieced quilted the quilt".

The bottom 2 quilts are by
Val and have been featured on the blog previously.
"My very first raw edge applique piece of 67 pieces.  It did however give me the incentive to finish a Lorraine Carther piece which was started many years ago. 
The quilt is a Toni Whitney design.
I machine appliqued and machine quilted the quilt".

Donated from Pat
This quilt is one of Pat's donated fabrics.  The squares were made and numbered in rows ready to put together which I did and then put the borders on.
The qult will be donated to 'Sunny Kids'
The quuilt was machine pieced and machine quilted all by me.

Based on a quilt spotted on Pinterest, unfortunately no links to who created the original.  I altered the design to feature 'Flying Geese' blocks all flying...North".

'Pinwheels Spinning Either Way'
"I like the fabrics in the Jelly Rolls but some friends prefer the reverse side! 
The design is a variation of a pattern in an old issue of Patchwork and Quilting.
I machine pieced the quilt and it was machine quilted by Carmen Brown".

'Dot's Friends'
"I remember a book from my childhood titled 'Dot and the Kangaroo'.  It was very special to me because it had belonged to my mother (no longer with us) and that book would have been first read by my mother 85 years ago.
The panel I chanced upon in Townsville 30 years past.  Now I have 2 little granddaughters to whom many stories can be narrated over the coming years emanating from the quilted panels.
the quilt is machine pieced and hand and machine quilted".

'I Was Young Once'
"I love the fabric and used the slash and whack method.
The quilt was machine pieced and quilted by me".

'Blast Off'
Two more of the many vintage machines and sewing boxes/kits that were on display at the Show.

'Pink for Girls 2'

"This quilt was made for another of my granddaughters.
The quilt was machine pieced and quilted by me".

'Wind in the Whiskers'

"This was a block of the month quilt that my husband gave to me as a birthday gift.  (Probably because he likes cats!)
The quilt is a McKenna Ryan design and was machine quilted by me.

'Pure Opulence'
"This is my first effort at hand piecing.  I intend to make 12 blocks but decided if I was ever going to finish it five blocks would do!  I only used four fabrics on the quilt top with the border print providing the different designs.
The pattern was designed by Sampler Quilts.
I hand pieced the quilt and it was machine quilted by Liz Traynor".
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