Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who's Gran has been under the pump?

...the recipient of these two beauties is who.
Remember this lovely from last week? Lyn made it, with its matching cushion cover as a birthday quilt  for her little Grandie in Adelaide Perth, (how wrong can you get it, the're thousands of K's apart and not even in the same State!)...sorry guys.
so this week Lyn bought this quilt along to share.
It is also a birthday quilt, for her Grandson in Perth, the Grandies birthdays are a few months apart but as the family is packing goods and chattels and moving overseas for a bit, the rush was on to get both quilts delivered A.S.A.P.
Lyn was busily stitching down the binding on the matching cushion cover with a bit of a sigh of relief this arvo, just a few more stitches and these two special birthday pressies will be winging their way to their lucky recipients.
 Those two little pieces of fabric resting on the back of the cushion cover?? all that is left of the 'car' fabric! guess who was feeling a trifle smug about that.

While chatting about what a lovely idea it is to make a matching cushion cover, Lyn fessed up that not only do the Grandies get matching cushions for their quilts, they also often get extra cushions, it's just one of the things they love about visiting Gran, taking home another cushion to layer on the bed or to play with, their theory - 'Can't have too many cushions Gran'.

 Sue will be presenting a dyeing class in a couple of weeks time, so of course fabric dyeing is rather on everyone's mind. 
Denise found this fab example of a tie dyed dress 'at the back of the wardrobe' and decided to give it an outing just to take us all down memory lane, to that place where we all had a tie dyed outfit or two, clothed the kids in tie dyed T-shirts or gave tie dyed articles as gifts, every piece was different and all were a work of art & love.
What isn't showing in the pic is the bodice is trimmed with cotton lace and ribbons, very feminine.

Back at the beginning of the Christmas break Sue wanted a project to keep her fingers busy, preferably one she could take along with her on visits and excursions, she also wanted to trim down on her scrap bag stash, all in all, she thought this pattern from an old quilting magazine would be just perfect! and so it has been.
It certainly kept her busy over the break and made a great 'bring along' project for our Wednesday meetings, but reducing the scrap bag, well, Sue says that is a bit of a line ball call, you see she had to buy extra fabric for the sashing, and the border, and the backing, so of course, more leftovers! Darn, aint life difficult? guess she will just have to start another quilt....  ;o
Gotta say, love the 'Q' block, its a quilt of course!

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