Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Winter's Day in the Summertime...

We have been having some blisteringly hot and humid weather the past few weeks, today was just the opposite, dull, dreary and drizzling, had an impact on our meeting numbers but those who braved the rain had a great time, not to mention a super arvo tea.

Wendy had her own little sweat shop on the go, she and Karen were busily stitching down the binding on a quilt, looked a little like that old cartoon of Lady and the Tramp and the spaghetti string (yeah, I know, really showing my age here)
while across the table Marie was busily stitching away on one of Wendy's millefiori blocks.

Marion was also working on binding, on a place mat, a gift for a lucky Sydneysider, yes, Marion and her Darling are off to Sydney to catch up with family and friends.

Karen Da. has discovered applique, and is having a ball with a wonderful free B.O.M. from the talented Esther Aliu. Karen recently bought herself a new sewing machine and needed a project to take to machine lessons with Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork. While sharing her blocks with us Karren laughingly told of how she was so caught up in the stitching that when she finally surfaced it was two hours after her lesson was supposed to finish, she was amazed that Kym didn't pull her up and say 'over'. Those who know how generous Kim is, just smiled.
Kim also put Karen onto using a stabiliser under her stitching, makes a world of difference, so much so, that Karen is considering redoing her first block as the stitching sits so much nicer on the stabilised block. Either that or Karen is just having too much fun with these blocks.

Marlene had a quilt to share, via phone pics, made for a lucky family member.
Our Librarian, Jackie challenged the group to all take home a book or two and to read them over the christmas break, mind you, some cheeky sausages said they would take but not read or even open, tch tch.
Marlene chose 'Jelly Roll Inspirations' by Pam Lintott and found a great pattern for a 'boy' quilt, perfect design to lay either across or lengthwise on a bed.

Jackie is working on another had pieced quilt that she drafted the pattern for, saw the design and just up and drafted it out.
We have a new addition to our Library, WALK, the Jacquie Gering book on Machine quilting with your walking foot.
Jackie is considering using one of the designs to quilt her new lovely.

As we all know, East Coast Fabrics are closing down on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps this is the reason why.
Spotlight to open in Dalton Drive.

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