Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A small day..

Well, it may have been only a very small group at the meeting today but we had an absolutely delicious afternoon tea and two quilts for show and tell, not to mention all the goodies that are being worked on.
Betty has finished the lovely pink pastel knee rug for her Grandie, it was such a hit that the younger lass decided that she would like one to please Gran, and there are some beautiful lillys being 'needle painted' by some of the ladies who also are members of the needlework group.

Jackie made this King Size, yep, very large, quilt for her daughters bed. A beautifully soft quit with lovely soft machine quilting by Judy from Furball Quilting

Janice had this red and achromatic quilt as you go almost finished, just a few inches of the binding and then all done.

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