Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Fair..........the excitement has begun........

Yesterday was the beginning of signing in the Christmas goodies for sale, managed to snap a few pics of the early arrivals, the tiniest little dolls quilt by Ja` beautifully vibrant stuffed trees - from Ailsa?, a fab floral tote from Janet,

Appliqued tea towels and the cutest little girls quilt, covered diaries, and a wall hanging with one of those 'stop and think' quotes of looking just like your Mother after all.........oh dear. All lovely work from Lola.

We were all given 2 fatties from the group to use to create a sale item for the Fair.  Janet created this really lovely Christmas wall hanging.

Val created a wall hanging with Santa, and Angel and a little bunny peeking  from behind Santa. Too cute.

Will be able to post more pics after set up tomorow, see ya then!

The giveaway will end tomorow at 5p.m. our time, will post the winners Friday evening.
Don't miss out, just leave a comment to be in the drawing.


Tozz said...

How I wish I could be there....oh you girls are so clever!! Lovely things are going to be sold. I am sure there wont be much left :)

clare's craftroom said...

Congratulations in advance that fair is going to be so good !

Susan said...

It sounds like there are lots of wonderful things to choose from at your Christmas fair! I hope the sales go well!

buderim said...


Betty Blue to me
show details 4:54 PM (2 minutes ago)
Congratulations on a first class blog!

I was most chuffed to see myself and Inge beavering away there.



Gee Betty, glad you got to post, such a nice post too. Thanks Andrea

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