Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Birthday Giveaway and the Christmas Fair

We have some lovely prizes to give away to some lucky readers, so do join in the fun. 

If you are having trouble or are unable to leave a comment, just send an e-mail to buderim dot patchwork @gmail dot com and I will transfer your comment to the blog. Oh and the word dot means a full stop, can't be putting addresses out there can we now?   all that spam!..........don't ask how I know........

Cottage members are all busily putting the finishing touches to the items available for sale and finalising plans for the Christmas Fair this weekend, with 13 Groups our Fair is a huge affair, with visitors coming from near and far to snaffle a goodie or two or ten.  There are also various crafters and stall holders in the Memorial Hall next door and more stalls on the front lawn and the lawns between the Hall and the Cottage, Huge!, just Huge!

For a  look at the type of things offered for Sale at the Cottage, go to our first post and just scroll down
Hope to see you at the Fair!


Wendy B said...

Good luck with the fair on the weekend....oh, how I would luuuuv to be there!!!! {Maybe I could just visit the rellies for a coupla days????} lol
I'm sure it's going to be very successful...look forward to the piccies!!!
sugary hugs xx 'o)

Joy said...

Ooh, That piccy top left ... the cute hexy with a candle on it ... it's got my name on it LOL!!! That's an omen ... I'll just have to do my VERY bestest to try and get to your fabulous show!!! It sounds like great fun!!
Joy :o)

Tozz said...

Wow...the fair sounds like its going to be bursting at the seams...how I wish I could go. I hope its the best ever and cant wait to see pictures of it all.

SheilaC said...

ooooh! Those are some gorgeous prizes!! thank you for a great giveaway!! I would love to win!

Have fun at the Christmas Fair!



sandra said...

have fun at the fair, wish I could be there. Great prizes, hopr I'm lucky!

Jeannette said...

What an interesting blog, and good luck with the fair I hope the weather is not to hot for you.

Kate said...

Have fun at the Christmas Fair ... wish I could be there, too! Your prizes are gorgeous! K

alice said...

Wish I could go to the show. It all looks great!! The prizes are great too. Fingers crossed. Good luck to you. A-

buderim said...


The blog is Wonderful, Great, and most enjoyable.........now what are you going to give me??

Some of us who don't have computer access got to see the blog for the first time when Sheila showed it to us last week.


Betty's comments were very much tongue in cheek, (and a lot longer and more sugary) but it would be such a giggle if she did win after being so bold. - Andrea

buderim said...


The blog is fantastic, allows us to let our family see what we are doing.

Linnea said...

Have fun at the Christmas Fair.
Thanks for the generous giveaway!!!

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