Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its not always just about the quilts,

..although we did have some lovely quilts for Chanetlle (Show and Tell) today, Lorraine started us off with her completed Tessellated T's.

Lorraine has had these Japanese prints in her stash for quite awhile, they were a bit of a mistake she told us, after buying them she discovered that she really didn't like Japanese prints after all, and so they sat at the back of the cupboard, awaiting inspiration, and finally, along it came, the perfect pattern to use her fabrics and create a quilt she loves that will now live on Lorraine's sofa.

As so often happens when a family member spies a goodie that you have created, they want one too, and this was the case with the bag that Lyn made for the Lyn Ballinger Challenge.  This little cutie here,

a request was put in for one just the same, well, Lyn said 'not the same but similar' and here it is, front and back views, can't you just see Lyn and her Daughter out shopping together with their complimentary totes?

Helen had just picked up her Quilt WIP from Fiona, who has quilted it with the cutest little heart pattern.

Helen is eagerly awaiting the birth of a Great Grandson, he will be arriving soon but Helen has promised to bring the quilt  back for us when it is bound. 
The center panel was discovered while Helen was away on Holidays, on the other side of this great continent of ours, when news of the Great Grandson arrived, she popped down to one of the LQS's and there, lo and behold was the matching border fabric! Kismet!

And this is where it becomes not just about quilts, we were rather privileged to be shown these wonderful pieces of history today.

This sampler was begun in 1883, on 26th October, that makes it 126 years old.

 It never did get finished, talk about a wrong colour choice, how hard would that black have been to work with, probably by candlelight, and how long did she persevere? but what neat stitches, and the black does show them off beautifully.

 Then there was this beauty, very fine linen, obviously well loved, well used and beautifully looked after.

I wonder what the story was about the missing letter? was there disappointment? was it perhaps a sampler done by a child and given to a Mother.  Beautiful fine stitches from almost 100 years ago.

Louise was admiring these two bags and she very kindly held this one for a pic.  Went rather well with the Tee don't you think?

 There are the most amazing beaded panels around the center of the bag, and a little V shaped decorative edging, beaded on each side of the shapes, you can see the underneath of one V shape at the top right, the drawstring has beaded tassels on each end and the whole thing is finished off with a circular base and another tassel.

Another example of beautiful beading, looks like the ribbon is a more recent addition for the drawstring. Beautifully formed leaves fold over the looped strings of beads.

What a treat to view such treasures, thank you very much.

These four quilts were bought along for Chantelle by Val and they have a truly amazing story, but firstly a little background, Val leads a small group of ladies who gather each Monday morning to make quilts for  Laurel House, a refuge for abused children.

One of the group is Betty, a lovely lady of 86 years who has a bit of a tough time, she is a Leukaemia sufferer and has to have treatment every second week, so not an easy life.
These quilts are Betty's quilts, wonderful quilts, full of imagination and joy.

Betty makes a flimsey every couple of weeks and Margaret, a neighbour quilts them for her and then they are delivered to Laurel House, just the ticket to snuggle into when you are looking for a little comfort.

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Sew Useful Designs said...

WOW Andrea! What a wonderful blog... you ladies are so incredibly talented!!! I am in awe of your beautiful quilts... and that beaded bag... WOW!!! :-)

Warm wishes to you all!!!
Vikki xoxo

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