Friday, November 13, 2009

We Have A Winner.......or two actually

We have two winners for the Apron Giveaway! Joy was the first to guess an anniversary but was only half right with her guess of 10 years and Tozz also had a guess of an anniversary, labeling it a special anniversary, yep, on the 27th November we will have been blogging for one year, and what a year of beautiful quilts the girls have had to show and share.

As a celebration we will be having lots of giveaways, patterns - from other designers as well as from one of our members, mini packs of hand dyes, and ..................well that's enough to be revealing dontcha think lots of giveaways because there are lots of us

Both Tozz and Joy are Gum Tree Designers, so girls, send me your snail mail addy and a hot pink apron will be scooting off to your homes.  I hope that you both enjoy them.


Tozz said...

Oh wooo hoooo....I won an apron!! Thank you so much and congrats on your anniversary :) Well done..and I just love your many talented ladies and thier things they make are so inspiring! hugs Vicki

Joy said...

How exciting - I can't believe I won ... and with Vicki too :o)!!! Thank you so much I can't wait to receive the apron!!! I love checking out your blog, so many fabulous 'show and tells' :o). What a talented group you are :o).
Joy :o)

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