Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Christmas! again....

...gee, it just seems like a couple of months ago when we were all busily getting ready for the 2011 Christmas Fair, and now the 2012 Fair has been and gone - and what a wonderful Fair it was!
Now before we get to drool over some of the wonderful works done by the Patch Gals there is a pic courtesy of Heather, remember the monkey suit she created for her Grandie?, well here it is being modeled by one very happy little lad.

Patricia and Pat got their act going early, before the doors opened just to make sure all was as it should be.
Sheila was decked out in one of her clever patchwork skirts, all ready to assist the Fair patrons, as you can see, the Cottage fills fast, this was about 2 mins after the doors opened!

Some of the 'theme' quilts presented for sale.  The 'John Deer' wall hanging with 2 cushion covers (hiding behind the bags) was snaffled up early and is winging its way to Japan to live with two lucky young boys.

Lots of stunning cushions in various styles, and two very different styles of quilts, both stunning.

Quilts of all sizes and styles, some terrific table runners and a circular table cloth, lots of little gifts and a really cute half apron, Louise tells me they are called Fat Quarter Aprons, they just cover your top down past the waist.  Brilliant!

'What colour is an elephant'? well any colour you choose would be the answer to that one!

This is it! proof that Jackie just isn't one to sit around, ever on the go, dashing by and tidying the displays.

There was a mountain of goodies for sale, from little personal gifts such as earring carriers, to food carriers to toys, books, get the idea. Something for everyone, no matter their age or boy or girl.  A wonderful array.  Take a bow Patch Gals, you did yourselves proud - again.

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