Friday, December 14, 2012

Talking of Christmas... are the pics from our Wednesday Christmas Luncheon held at our local TAFE.

The food was delish, Chicken with some innovative takes on vegies - gotta just love vegies, and different ways of presenting them is always a winner, desert was a choice of Pavlova or Vanilla Panna Cotta with a lovely light sauce and berries. Major yummo.

After we had stuffed our faces, er, sorry, finished our Luncheon, the fun began, courtesy of Lorraine.
Each of our groups  'office holders' got a gift from Santa, (of course if was from Santa, it's Christmas! and it's a rule!)
However, Santa did have a couple of helpers, Ailsa with her bag of goodies,
 and Sue, who just couldn't wait to wear her special 'Santa Hat' with her basket of choccies and lollies which she spread with great and gay abandon.
Gotta love that bobbling pom-pom!

Then there were special gifts for the Gals who have worked hard to keep our group running so smoothly throughout the year.  The gifts mirrored the jobs these great ladies have done for our group  and a little trinket is just a token of our appreciation, a BIG THANK YOU, to you all, and I know these gifts have gone straight to the 'Pool Room' in your Castles.

Fran, for her beautiful smiling face and grace, you greet all newcomers with calm and friendship, Fran received a 'Happy Face' made from lollies.

And of course a special pressie for Sheila for all of her hard work and guidance being our group leader this year and for accepting the challenge of being leader for the next year, especially as it is a Quilt Show year and all the extra work that entails.
 Sheila, unwrapping her gift of a Layer Cake, we're all looking forward to seeing her creation from these special fabrics.
Heather is our Miss Moneybags (Treasurer) so of course what better than gold coins

Pat recently became our Assistant Treasurer and oversaw the gathering of the $$$'s at the Christmas Fair (One of Heathers rellies decided to get married!   on fair day!   can you imagine!)
so of course more gold coins had to be found.
I believe it was a great wedding and everyone had fun.  We survived beautifully thanks to Pat, and we do wish the happy couple a long and prosperous marriage.

 For some strange reason, and I know you will be equally mystified, Marcia unwrapped a wooden spoon.
Marcia, you have been wonderful as our Management Committee representative.  Bringing us the news and views but mainly the difficult task of putting forward our case to the Committee, you do a great job.

Santa gave Ailsa a coffee cup full of nibblies, I guess that is for backup if someone misses the fact that they are on arvo tea roster?  -  or maybe she and her darling had a special cuppa to celebrate a job very well done.

Lorraine, as our hard working sekretari, got a pencil, not a pen, (you can rub out a pencil - hee hee ) and a ? shiny long thing.
but the really confusing thing is, Sue and Marie got one too!- shiny long thing that is..
Wadda you think? same? different?
Sue works very hard for our group in various positions and this year took over the storing and packing of toiletry bags for the Mums and Kiddies looked after by Najidah.  Currently her home is being over run by products.  Now that's dedication!

Marie is our Workshop co-ordinator, she always has some great in-house workshops (which means she really does pay attention to the work done by the rest of the Patch Girls) and organises some great visitors for us, both tutors and ideas presenters.
So, here's the thing.  if you can correctly identify the three shiny long things that these 3 gals got from Santa, then I will send you a pressie!but you have to go to the end of the post to find out what and why.

The happy revelers, table by table.

The Thursday night Gals had their party last night, with some special entertainment, two lovely Grandies bought along their Sax and Oboe to play for the group, they were joined by Denise for the vocals, how special is that!  Will get that story to you ASAP.

Now, about that pressie, if you are an Aussie Lass then the book '500 Art Quilts, an Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work', and some other unused things from my quilting room - that book weighs a brick, so might as well make up the satchel weight allowance with some other stuff.  However, if you are an overseas winner, I will be sending you a selection of new Fat Quarters.

Why am I doing this I hear you ask?'s a thank you to you lovely readers as this is my last year of doing the Buderim Patchwork Blog, it's been a hoot and a wonderful experience, but I've been telling myself (and the Darling), that I need a break - a something different - a new avenue to venture down, so next year the lovely Marie will be taking over our blog.
So leave a comment or if that doesn't work for you send us an email, the address is on the blog under 'Contact Us'.
This is the second post today, (yeah, who would believe 2 on one day), so don't forget to suss out the previous post on our Christmas Fair and the wonderful quilts and goodies that were on sale.


Lorraine said...

I know what the long thing is. I really do.
Will you let me tell you and win the prize?
Just because I am one of the recipients of the long thing will that disqualify me from entering the competition?
It would be really nice to win something even if it is only to help you clean out your sewing room and fill up mine.

quiltinbysea said...

Not the winning bit,
but the clearing out of the sewing room bit.
Because you are so good at making up your own Jelly Rolls, you have just inherited a selection of those silly 10cm strips I bought when I first started my 'Stash'.
This could be the best idea evah!!
p.s. The Darling reckons it's a great idea too - silly boy, soon as a spot is empty guess whats gonna happen!

Linda H. said...

No clue what that shiny long thing might be. It looks like honeycomb. A candle? A ring holder? A unique nail file? It's a big commitment keeping track and people and activities as you have done. I hope you enjoy your time away from blogging.

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