Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Quilt Show - Part 8

Crazy Christmas Stockings
Created by Debby
A few years ago I decided to make five Christmas stockings for each of my family members.  Crazy can take lots of TIME!!  Three years later, only two Christmas stockings have been completed...I'm still unsure if I'm going to start the next three???   The stocking on the left is quite masculine with all of the dark colours and I couldn't complete a lot of crazy on this stocking as the fabrics are too busy.  Let's just see how many I complete before Christmas this year. 
After finishing the black quilt I needed to make a happy Christmas here it is, on the right.  I love the colours and I was able to do a lot more crazy and embroidery on this one because of the white fabrics used.  A lot more playing for me with this stocking.  Thanks Jenny for your patience and inspiration.
Patterns and Sewing Instructor: Jenny
Machine Sewn and Hand Crazy Quilted by Debby.

'Sophie's Delight'
Created by Marguerite
Pattern 'Mayflowers by Joanne Ridley, I changed the pattern slightly and this is the result.
A certain little girl  said "You could give that rug to me", This changed to "I'd like that rug for my Birthday".  So again this quilt found a happy owner.

'Hearts and Flowers'
Created by Sue
Heart p
attern by Caroline Price (Australian Patchwork and Quilting mag.Vol 9 No. 6) and flower design from 'Applique Quilts to Make", All fabrics from my stash, including the pink/white stripe which I've been saving for a special project - this quilt is for our eldest great niece, now 10.
Machine quilted by Esther Strelen

 'Winter's Night'
Created by Janice
A Post and Rail design tutored by June from Thursday evening group.  This quilt started a s a table runner but it grew as I really liked the design.  I am pleased with the end result.  Machine pieced by Janice and Machine quilted by Judy of Furball Farm with an edge to edge design using (Amorphous) gold glide thread.

'Pretty in Pink'
Created by Lyn
Made of some of my scrap fabrics in shades of pink.  The pattern is a variation of  'Square within a Square' and comes from the book 'Rolling Along' by Nancy J. Martin.
Each block uses two fabrics, a light and a dark, placed alternately to give the overall design
Machine pieced and quilted.

'Friends for Tea'
Created by Julie

a closer view of some of Julies embroidery
Design by Red Brolly Designs.
Hand appliqued and quilted
Made for when sewing or gardening friends come over for afternoon tea.

Ema-May's Quilt
Created by Debby
Made for my niece for her Birthday. Stitched by Debby Tutor and Machine Quilted by Letitia.
Debby made this quilt in one month.

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