Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fair Excitement and a new Star

Yep, it was all fun and laughter at the Cottage as everyone was either putting in the finishing stitches on goodies for the Easter Fair or starting on new projects - some for the family - some for our Quilt Show.

Lyn is starting on her version of the 'Mayflowers' quilt by Joanne Ridley from her book 'Jelly Roll Inspirations'.   Many of our group have made their version of this captivating quilt, a number of which were on display at our 2013 Quilt Show.
The original pattern has the flowers cut from pieced yardage, that is 2.5" strips stitched into a wider strip, then using the flower template to cut a shape.  It's such a versatile pattern that flowers cut from yardage is just as pretty.  Lyn has chosen to use blanket stitch to applique the vliesofixed  flowers to her background, thoughts are perhaps a button center?

Pat is busily cutting Drunkards Path pieces from solid yardage in assorted colours, the background is a lovely soft grey, not lilac as is showing in the pic, in fact all the colours are a whole lot nicer than in the's a lighting thing..?  Pat explained the 'quilt to be' layout, can't wait to see more as it progresses.

Courtney, with tutoring from Mary, is piecing 2" scrappy squares to create one of those lovely Scottie dog toys.

Sandy is onto another block from her 'Sweet Daisy Dreams', a Robert Kaufman pattern.

Julie bought along her Hardanger piece, she has been working on it intermittently for a while now, and completion is just about within touching distance.
The pic on the right is manipulated to show you the beautiful stitching, trying to get cream or white to show nicely sometimes just doesn't work all that well...sigh...

Marguerite has almost finished her version of 'Leanne's House' , naming her quilt 'Happy Days' and using vibrant colours for another take on this wonderful pattern.  Marguerite bought her sandwich along to get a little help with the pinning. Now, just gotta quilt and bind it, oh yeah, and label it
Marguerite has chosen to embroider her label onto a piece of the backing fabric which will then disappear into the backing, just leaving the stitching visible, what a great idea!
Marguerite had an amazing Montmellick needlework caddy with her.  Created some time ago.  "wouldn't have the patience nowadays" was the comment.  Well patience or no, it is magnificent.
Marguerite has even embroidered her initals on the inside cover. (Bottom Left)

Now Wendy has been doing the whole 'one armed paper hanger' thing....being as busy as, she purchased this cupboard, padded up a larger piece of timber and created a large ironing surface, she then got her darling to create this gizmo and attach it to the cupboards side...
 ...a hanging rack!!, as you press your strips, you hang them over the rungs and keep everything in order!  and if that's not enough, the rack also folds down out of the way when not in use.
Don't know about you, but I'm voting this the 'bestest Gizmo evah'!!
Guessing there will be a few requests being made to some Darlings over this one.
Wendy has created this adorable wall hanging for the Easter Fair.  Just finishing up the binding.
Darn, another pic for the fuzzy collection.  But you get the picture...pun intended!
The fabrics are very similar to the ones in this quilt, a pic Wendy just happened to have on her new ipad.
Saving the best for last.
Sheila presented Wendy with one of our coveted 'Stars' for assembling our wonderful second prize raffle quilt "Cream Fantasy'
Beautiful, yes? and no, there is no difference in the creams, again, it's a lighting thing...or a camera thing, but never the photographer...

In an attempt to show off the fab candlewicking here it is in a Black and White shot

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