Thursday, March 19, 2015

Its not just all about quilting...

...sometimes, its all about the goodies that go with quilting, like this pile of scrumptious goodies Wendy found over at Paula Storm Designs.
Debate raged, show the labels or not, guess who won?!
The labels tell the story - just what is hidden in these vibrantly painted little bottles? Needles, allsorts of needles.
Wendy made the most of the postage by grabbing a few extras, like this rather innovative gadget.  It is a refillable starch brush, if you are one of those who press under your applique seam allowance, this is for you.  The brush end is soft and pliable, there is a reservoir for your home made starch, the recipe for which is inside the tin's lid.  Small pic on left shows the filling syringe - yep - comes in the tin with the rest of the goodies.  B.T.W. the recipe calls for a small amount of vodka, this is to add to the starch so it doesn't go off, not like some bright spark suggested, to give you the intestinal fortitude to do the applique in the first place.
Then of course another pic of the needle bottles and some really cute pre-wound bobbins in beautiful vibrant colours - all very inspiring really.

Debby and Courtney had some exciting Show and Tell to share with us, they had just done a paint transfer class with Lois at the needlework meeting, 
Courtney showed her two pieces, but I missed Debby, she was off having arvo tea.

Last week Gwen showed a blackwork pattern she was planning on starting, here's the update.
Gwen was looking particularly glam, she was off to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  Hope it was a great celebration Gwen.

Lorraine has gone modern with this runner, the pattern is from a quilt magazine she subscribes to (but which one?) .
This beauty will be for sale at the Easter Fair.

Mary was concentrating like crazy, yep, more of the Hardanger - or as Marcia called it 'Hard-anger'...
her darling dubbed it that after watching Marcia at work a few times...
mind you, Mary was inclined to agree, the metallic thread that looks so stunning in the star was shredding and splitting and just generally not playing well at all.

Another baby quilt from Lorraine, a clever little design all in pinks with more of those alphabet squares that have come in so handy with all the baby quilts Lainey has been called on to make recently for all those littlies joining her extended family.
Lainey did mention that the quilt was label-less, boy did we give her stick- an unfinished quilt??
But no, the label is on the quilt, it's just blank - there is a bit of a name mix up that will shortly be sorted.

Stella was ever so pleased to bring her version of 'Leanne's House' to share with us.  
There is some beautifully embroidered patches for you to drool over at the Quilt Show in July,
 Butterflies, Bees, Hearts and ever so much more, and of course, a really cute Label.

Janice has finished this lovely wall hanging, a house warming gift for friends, who have seen the finished wall hanging and love it.
Janice put a rod pocket top and bottom of the wall hanging so the fish can swim in either direction.

Fae, recently upgraded her sewing machine - well she had to - wore the last one to a nub.  Fae had had a little trouble with the new one, doing more reverse stitching than stitching - she bought in her current W.I.P to show us - the smile says it all - machine conquered.

Judy working away on her clamshell quilt.
Another great 'take along' project.

Najidah has confirmed that they do have an agreement with Goodlife Community Church in Buderim for Mums and their kiddies to receive needed clothing and household goods.
It is also possible to donate goods directly to the  Goodlife Community Church by dropping them off at 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim.

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