Thursday, June 29, 2017

Smiles and aching muscles...

...but mainly smiles after the success of our quilt exhibition, record number of visitors, record revenu, and a nice healty chunk of change from our raffle quilts to go to our charity of choice, Smart Pups Assistance Dogs
There was lots of goss, not to mention planning of new projects,
Others were taking a break from patchwork, but still stitching,
Courtney continues with her embroidery
Helen hard at it with her Hardanger

Gwen has been practicing her Crewel embroidery, she decided to treat herself to a rather special retreat, choosing a very easy class so that she could soak up some sun and creative vibes from other retreatees, sadly that particular class was cancelled, so in true Gwen style, she decided on the hardest for her class...yep, Crewel embroidery with the international tutor Hazel Blomkamp. Of course, not wanting to waste time in class with no idea how to proceed, Gwen grabed one of Hazel's books and started practicing.
This piece is the result.
and yep, Gwen does know, there is a tinsy little leaf left to embroider! - right down there at the bottom, under the flower...see?

Marcia and Sue were really catching up, yeah, on goss, but mainly on Hexies, Marcia bought hers as a pre-cut set back when dirt was mud and Sue is finishing off a box of hexies her sister started round about the same time from all accounts.
Rather like the 'daisy chain' layout that Sue's sis had chosen.

Lovely to meet Margaret, a local lass who was the overjoyed winner of the Raffle 2nd prize quilt, presented to her by the quilt creator Janice.
1st prize winner will be popping into the Cottage on Friday to collect her quilt. Lorraine has volunteered to zoom up to the cottage to present the quilt and take a pic for us.

Must have been the day for pulling out U.F.O.'s, Marlene recently had this beauty machine quilted and was finishing off the binding, been on the go for 13 years.
A truly reversible quilt, Marlene got the pattern from 'Fragrant Cottage' in Warrnambool Vic, they still have a web site but - is it the same business?

Jackie bought this lovely modern quilt along to share, vibrant colours and stunning quilting.

Not quite in the same vein as a U.F.O. but using long term fabric from her stash, Lyn created this lovely using fossil ferns purchased a few years back when one of our local patchwork stores was shutting the doors.
The backing was a gift from her daughter, originally something like a 5 mtr piece, its been a joy to Lyn, never stuck for a backing!- now thats a perfect quilter gift!

Gaye was busily stitching binding, she used some very jolly fabric featuring those little yellow guys that run amok....don't tell me...oh yeah, minions - Gaey chose another modern icon for her backing, emoticons - a real fun quilt for one of the younger set.

Chris was also stitching binding on a stunning quilt, chevrons and diamonds in primaries.

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