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A number of quilts were displayed as 'For Sale'. Some sold, some did not. If any of the quilts featured in the 2019 Exhibition photos tugs at your heartstrings, contact our group at the fatquarter news e-mail address at the top of the blog and we will get back to you, you can also contact us through the Buderim Craft Cottage, contact details are on the site or you can leave a message in the blog comments.

Monday, July 3, 2017

2017 Quilt Exhibition - Part Four

You've heard of the good news and the bad news?...
well, we have some delightful news and some real custard curdling news...
The delightful..
Meet Leigh, first prize winner of our raffle quilt 'Weeroona'.
Leigh is delighted to have won and will be putting 'Weeroona' on her guest bed where she will see it each time she passes by.
Big Thanks to Lainey for making the trip to present Leigh with her winner and forwarding the pic for us to enjoy.

More Big Thank You's go to some special guys who although are not members of our group, certainly are part of the Patchwork support team, Nathan, Steve, Lionel, Ross, Paul, Geoff and John. Thank you so much guys for all the hard work you did to help our group hold one of the best Exhibitions ever.

and now, the custard curdler...
Sheila has fallen out of love with Charlie,
yep, her cute as a button 'Granddog' Charlie, who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, has done the unforgiveable,
dunno Charlie, will you ever get back into the good graces? or are you to be forever spurned?...oh dear...A fast trip downtown to snaffle a cheapie pair of 'reader' glasses and a trip to the optometrist when Sheila gets home, I reckon Charlie has some hard work ahead to get over this one.
On a happier note, Sheila's Grandie loves his basketball quilt.
Unlike Charlie, whats not to love? a stunning vibrant quilt.

Sheila Tweedy
'Ben Loves Basketball'
This quilt is for my grandson Ben Tweedy, who is an outstanding basketball player. Original design incorporating 'T Blocks' from Missouri Star Company, T is for Tweedy
Fabrics have been collected over several years
Pattern design by Sheila Tweedy
Quilted by Sheila Tweedy

Chris Munce
'Love Hearts'
Adapted from a Clare Horsman quilt design called 'One of a Kind' published in Patchwork to Cherish 2015. I was inspired by the hearts in the design expressing the love of a new born.
Quilted by Chris Munce

Gwenyth Mitchell
'Completed At Last'
I started this quilt about 20 years ago when hand piecing was all the go.
Ugly white centre replaced with a Japanese sample which had been hanging about for 12 years
WOW - "that looks better"
Quilted by Gwenyth Mitchell.

Susan Webb
Enlarged block from "Gingham Girls" quilt by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly, using blanket stitch hand applique instead of embroidery sections
Hand quilted by me - a fun exercise!]
Even used all fabrics from my stash!
Pattern design by Bronwyn Hayes
Quilted by Sue Webb

Heather Tucker
'Koi Quilt'
I purchased this as a kit complete with fabric from the Craft Fair in Perth
I was looking for a quilt suitable for my son and I loved the design of the Koi panel and the significance of the Koi swimming up the waterfall.
"In Japanese culture the Koi is thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity and good fortune. The Koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and travel up stream.
Koi fish symbolism encompasses numerous positive qualities related to courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals and strong character."
Pattern design by SANSHI
Quilted by Heather Tucker

Heather Tucker
'Blue and White Delight'
Having always liked the freshness of a blue and white colour scheme it was easy to fall in love with this delightful little wall hanging!
This work will hang above the bed in the guest room where it can be seen by visiting family and friends with whom we all share many moments and create many memories.
I purchased this as a kit complete with pattern, fabric and buttons from Giggle Buttons.
The embroidery is all done by hand
Pattern design by Giggle Buttons in Brisbane
Quilted by Heather Tucker

Marie Weber
'Off to the Chelsea Flower Show'
I have a grandaughter living in the Netherlands where they ride bikes everywhere they go, so when she told me she was going to the Chelsea Flower Show, I thought of her when I saw this pattern.
Pattern design by Sally Menke
Quilted by Marie Weber

Fae Dunner
'I Spy'
A comforter made with love for a traumatised child going into foster care.
"Something to keep" and to let them know they are precious to God
Inspired by love of children.
Pattern design by Fae Dunner
Quilted by Fae Dunner

Susan Webb
Based on a pattern in the book -"Quilting from Little Things" by Sarah Fielke. Made with all cotton fabrics, hand appliqued by both needleturn and buttonhole using Vliesofix.
I doubt I'll be tackling nedleturned leaves for some time - if ever!!!
Pattern design by Sarah Fielke
Quilted by Esther Strelen

Wendy Tame
'Butterflies of Hope'
I wanted to make a quilt similar to those that were made during the depression.
Butterflies on quilts were then a symbol of hope
Alternate blocks consisted of 121 one inch squares
I was able to use my 1930's fabric stash
Original design inspired by 1930's quilts
Quilted by Wendy Tame

Pat Reid
After purchasing some cat fabric in Japan, the next stop was how to use it. The design was so enjoyable to make as the black cats seem to wrap themselves around you. I think my Japanese fabric with the small black cats really suit this design.
Straight line quilting, some with a slight curve to emphasise the cats arching backs
Pattern design by Sarah Watts
Quilted by Pat Reid

Beryl Darby
'Sunshine Secret'
Mystery Quilt from Sunshine Quilters Group.
I made this quilt in July 2016
Quilted by Beryl Darby

Susan Webb
'Child's Play'
this was a design by Elizabeth Williams of the Patchwork Pear and was featured in Issue 1 of Creative Quilter
Made with cotton fabrics and polyester wadding
Hand appliqued by me using vliesofix and blanket stitch
Pattern design by Elizabeth Williams
Quilted by Esther Strelen

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